Body Wax School:

"Brazilian Waxing" Course!

Body Wax Studio School is proud to offer our "Brazilian Waxing" training course tailored to suit all professionals interested in adding the popular "Brazilian Wax" to their scope of skills. By learning how the best in the business do it, you will be guided by two of the most experienced Brazilian Waxing professionals in the industry today. Danielle and Georgie maintain the highest quality standards with their efficient “Brazilian Bikini Waxing” technique and are delighted to be sharing their knowledge and secrets with you.

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Client satisfaction and outstanding service is our trademark and we are very excited to meet you!

The Fischer Twins

Passion and focus

Danielle is regarded as the quickest waxing professional in the industry. “People can develop their skills anytime they choose to. By attending our course they get to learn from the fastest and the best!” In her early days in the industry Danielle was already considered to have a natural talent for Brazilians. In time, she developed her own technique to become one of the most well known and renowned waxers in the industry today.

Total satisfaction

Passionate about people, Georgie thrives by making a difference in other people`s lives and helping them feel good about themselves.

By teaching those interested professionals through Body Wax School, they will be given the opportunity to become more independent and successful in their businesses, and for Georgie this makes it all worthwhile!